Cynical Cereal

On Fate

I'm constantly reminded through little happenings that everything in my life will always and has always happened for a reason. While preparing to board a flight I realized that the book that i was half way through was still waiting... Continue Reading →

Kindly: Trash Your Textbooks

I've heard enough of military men and their odes to our beloved country and or their wives, enough of Norton Anthology's version of American Literature. Why are we still studying the same "classic" authors and their outdated work? And why did... Continue Reading →

God: The OG Misogynist

Adam and Eve: the biblical story of existence. John Milton’s, Paradise Lost, published in 1667, It's an epic poem based on the ultimate demise of humankind, due to the temptation of Satan. The creation story known across borders encompasses the... Continue Reading →

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